Stubby Coolers

Make your stubby cooler stand out in the crowd. You'll always know which one is yours with your favourite photo printed on it.

Coffee Mugs

Enjoy drinking from your coffee mug with your favourite photo printed on front. The Photo Mug is a great reminder of the kids, the dog or even the boat! Mugs are white and cylindrical in shape. Your photo is printed facing the drinker (right­hand drinker) by default but can be made for left­hand drinkers on request.

Mouse Pads

Compliment your desk with your favourite digital photo on a deluxe mouse pad. Chunky rubber mousepads overprinted with your own photo. Made of flexible rubber composition so it will grip to any desk surface. Dimensions approx 23x19cm with rounded corners.

Quality Enlargements

Family and friends will love extra copies of your memories. And we help with frame numbers on the back of your photos. We print in a range of sizes and finishes as shown

Passport Photos

If you're traveling you need up-to-date photos for passports, visas and international drivers licences.

We can produce perfect passport pictures quickly and professionally. Our team know the requirements and will ensure your pictures meet the latest sizing, composition and expression standards. If you’re unsure of exactly what requirements are needed check these links out:

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