Ingeneous - Your DNA

Your body knows what it needs, now you can too.

DNA holds the blueprint to how your body responds to the world around it. Take away the guess-work and let us help you discover exactly what your body needs to thrive.


Find out what makes you, you.

Diet and nutrition are incredibly personal, yet most health advice is based on a one-size-fits-most approach. Ingeneous strives  to help you make more informed choices, with personalised advice, designed for your unique genetic make-up.


With you for life

Ingeneous is not a short-term diet or fast fix. Our tests, plans and recommendations, are designed to be useful, practical and helpful, giving information you can act on right now


Your health is in expert hands

Ingeneous’s recommendations are grounded in rigorous scientific research – there’s no snake oil, or flimsy promises. Every gene we test has been qualified by peer-reviewed research to offer the most effective outcomes for your overall wellbeing.

Unlock your genetic wisdom

Knowing your genetic blue-print can empower you to make the best choices to optimise your genetic expression.


Genotype Testing

The laboratory uses qualitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology to accurately read your DNA. Your results are then stored securely in our isolated and encrypted data vault, based in Australia.


Science-backed Recommendations 

Ingeneous uses the science of epigenetics, nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics to make personalised, actionable recommendations. These fields have rapidly grown in breadth and depth since the sequencing of the human genome, giving opportunity to make a real difference to wellness outcomes.


Discover More Over Time

Ingeneous lives on the cutting edge of genetic science, with future advancements as we evolve you will have the opportunity to learn more from your DNA – all from your original test with Ingeneous. Current products in development include weight management, sleep, stress and sports.

What’s in your Essential Start report?

At Ingeneous we believe these systems are where every wellness journey should begin, and the science agrees with us. This report has been designed to give nutrigenomic recommendations on how to coordinate these systems for optimal wellness, including:

  • Pro and Anti Inflammation
  • Detoxification System
  • Vitamin D Pathway

You will receive personalised information you can act on, including an inflammatory reset – the first step in the Ingeneous roadmap to wellness.

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What’s in your LifeStyle Plus report?

LifeStyle Plus is your personalised nutrigenetic maintenance plan to provide insights to what your body does and doesn’t like, including specific recommendations for:

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Carbohydrate guidance (AMY1 gene)
  • Dietary fat intake
  • Style of eating
  • Exercise

These recommendations are designed specifically to maintain that state of optimised and coordinated inflammation balance that you just created through the Essential Start reset. Think of it as that missing instruction manual that you have never had until now!

Inflammation is arguably the most important system in the human body. The gene expression changes that are possible within the Essential Start report are a powerful first step, however without maintenance they will naturally transition back to your less optimised genetic presets.

By following your unique lifestyle guidelines, you can actively encourage those positive gene expression changes to continue. The recommendations within this report are designed to ideally be implemented in between inflammation resets.

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