Ingeneous Essential Start & Lifestyle Plus DNA Test & Report


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Includes all the Essential Start critical systems where every wellness journey should begin. Designed to give nutrigenomic recommendations on how to coordinate these systems for optimal wellness, including:

  • Pro and Anti Inflammation
  • Detoxification System
  • Vitamin D Pathway

You will receive personalised information you can act on, including an inflammatory reset – the first step in the Ingeneous roadmap to wellness.

The LifeStyle Plus builds on the Essential Start and is your personalised nutrigenetic maintenance plan to provide insights into what your body does and doesn’t like.  Find out whether your habits including caffeine and alcohol are harming your health or feel free to indulge! LifeStyle Plus includes specific recommendations for:

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Carbohydrate guidance (AMY1 gene)
  • Dietary fat intake
  • Style of eating
  • Exercise

These recommendations are designed specifically to maintain that state of optimised and coordinated inflammation balance that you just created through the Essential Start reset. Think of it as that missing instruction manual that you have never had until now!

Inflammation is arguably the most important system in the human body. The gene expression changes that are possible within the Essential Start report are a powerful first step, however, without maintenance they will naturally transition back to your less optimised genetic presets.

By following your unique lifestyle guidelines, you can actively encourage those positive gene expression changes to continue. The recommendations within this report are designed to ideally be implemented in between inflammation resets.

What to Drink

Learn about your relationship with coffee and alcohol as it pertains to your state of inflammation. Let’s admit it, we all know coffee and alcohol are not good for you! However, we might actually tell you that certain small amounts of certain alcohol may improve your inflammation coordination and that coffee is not on the “naughty list”. This is an opportunity for you to choose when and how you want to indulge by causing the least amount of inflammatory damage.

What to Eat

Should you follow a lacto-ovo vegetarian or mediterranean eating pattern? Eat high fat or low fat? Are carbohydrates really that bad for you or have you been feeling guilty for no reason? Stop with the guesswork and just ask your body for a clear-cut answer.

How to Exercise

Did you know over-exercising can interfere with your inflammation balance just as much as under-exercising? Find your exercise sweet spot as defined by your unique needs. Get the most out of your concentrated efforts and protect your inflammation coordination.

All your reports in one place

As soon as your genetic SNP test has been processed, your analysis and report will be available in your Ingeneous online portal. Your reports will all be viewable through a dashboard layout, with well-presented detail and recommendations to follow. 

Discover again and again

Ingeneous lives on the edge of genetic science, with future advancements as we evolve you will have the opportunity to learn more from your DNA, all from the one genetic test that you took at the start of your wellness journey with us!

Living Rewards exclusion. Please note that there are no Living Rewards points applicable to the Ingeneous DNA tests.


Or 4 interest free payments of $165.00 with
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Or 6 payments of $110.00 with
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How do I get my genetics tested with Ingeneous?

Through a simple cheek swab test that looks at evidence-based health markers.

What insights will I get in the Essential Start report?

You will receive insights for 3 key systems which influence your wellness, plus 5 key recommendations that you can act on.

How long does it take to get the report back?

We operate on a 3-4 week turnaround to process your DNA test and present your report and recommendations.

How is my genetic test processed?

The laboratory uses qualitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology to accurately read your DNA.

What science is Ingeneous based on?

Ingeneous makes personalised recommendations based on your genetic SNP results, using the science of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics.

Is my data secure?

Yes absolutely! Your test results are de-identified and held in an isolated and encrypted data vault, based in Australia. Access to your results is only via your password-protected profile within