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Covid Vaccinations

***2022 Boosters**

The demand for Boosters has been significant in early 2022. While we can in general take wallk-ins it is best to book in. We are open each weekday (but not weekends).  The clinic is closed 12.30pm to 1.30pm, and we walk in's close at 4.15pm. We try our best to accomodate you if it is urgent, we are very busy during January.

Prefer to Have a Specific time? 

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Other Vaccination Services?

With a range of vaccinations and other Health Clinic services available our Pharmacists are fully trained to provide specific services to help improve your health.  And from September you can book your Covid vaccination with us. Local and convenient!

Unsure about how your general health status? Check out the Health Warrant of Fitness for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and BMI information.

Looking for vaccinations? Flu, whooping cough, measles can all be booked online using the link below.

During flu season it is a good idea to book in so you secure an appointment that suits you. Bookings are available now to make for the 2021 influenza vaccination (booking link below). 

Facts about Flu

  • Flu isn't just a bad cold - it can be serious.
  • More than one million Kiwis get an annual flu shot
  • Immunisation helps prepare your immune system to fight the flu
  • You cannot get the flu from the flu vaccination

Flu can be a serious illness

Influenza, commonly called the flu, can be a serious illness that is sometimes fatal. Infection with the flu virus may lead to a stay in hospital for any age group but particularly if you are elderly or have an ongoing medical condition. Flu can make an existing medical condition, such as asthma or diabetes, a lot worse.

Could you get your flu shot FREE?

People aged 65 years and over, pregnant women and those aged between 13-65 years with an eligible chronic medical condition (click here for the eligibility criteria) qualify for a FREE flu vaccine.

Those people who are eligible for a funded (FREE) flu vaccination include:

People ages 65 years and older

Pregnant women (any trimester)

People aged under 65 years with an eligible chronic medical condition (click here to view the eligibility criteria)

From 14th April ONLY those 65 years and over can be vaccinated under Ministry of Health requirements for 2021. Feel free to book in now - you can use the booking icon below.

For all other groups feel free to book in, but please make your booking from 28th April. Those over 65 years and those with approved health conditions can be vaccinated at no charge. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions about Flu Vaccinations 2021 click here.

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Other vaccinations we can offer you;

  • Influenza (Flu) – free for patients over 65 years of age and women who are pregnant
  • Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
  • Shingles
  • Meningococcal disease

Contact us if you have any questions